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Digital media based gadgets like Smartphone's and internet connectivity are the key drivers today for mobile learning. The mobile learning solutions mostly preferred option for organization to share tacit knowledge and to impart performance support and refresher learning. Many Chief Learning Officers (CLO’s) are eyeing on M-learning as a way forward for learning because that’s where the learners are.

From e-learning to m-learning

If you want to keep you audience hooked to the organizational learning initiates then M-learning is the right option. As it provides you with on-demand relevant information while on the move, it’s a most sought solution for Sales Representatives or Field Engineers. As mobile can be used as a collaborative platform, it enables easy knowledge and information sharing among the peers and co-workers.

m-learning advantages:

Access to affordable devices like smart phones and tabs for every learner

Proves handy to employees who are mostly on the field

Readily available learning and performance support materials

Real Time information

Performance oriented Mobile Learning Solutions:

Netvidya has designed and delivered compelling mobile learning platform for both iPad and Android devices. Our mobile learning platform has the customized solution frameworks for quickly consolidating your content and rolling out a training program. Our platform is designed to share tacit knowledge among the organization and contribute to knowledge sharing. As we adopt a device agnostic learning design approach, it help even to match with the upcoming BYOD trends. The device agnostic learning design and multi-platform oriented interactive content makes our mobile platform distinct player in this elearning market.

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